Annoyances vs. Conveniences

When most people think of getting organized they think of more of the big picture which is seeing their space clean and clear and everything having a place in nifty spifty containers.

What most people don’t see is the details. Details that make managing their home and operating their business much easier. For example, moving a desk so that you can open the window easier. Or creating a lunch zone in your kitchen where all the items you need to get a kid’s lunch packed are right there. Replacing your file cabinet that is hard to open with a new file cabinet that opens easily so filing your paperwork doesn’t seem like such a chore. These are the tiny details that I see. The little conveniences that people have unknowingly denied themselves of because they didn’t even know that convenience and ease was even an option.

I can almost guarantee you if you really paid attention to what it felt like being in your space physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, you would hear your gut trying to point out to you the little annoyances that you deal with every day. It would say, “Hey, just tweak this a little bit and watch how much easier your life feels.” Unfortunately, because so many people are numb to their environments they have simply adapted to inconveniences, being uncomfortable and feeling uneasy. They will continue to live with what doesn’t work that great but not have enough awareness to see it. Even more importantly do anything about it.

Ever get to the grocery store and realize all your coupons are at home? If you put a coupon divider in your purse, you would of experienced the wonderful feeling of being prepared and saving money. If you had a trash can in your car, you would love how grounded it feels to drive a car that feels cleaner inside. Cleaning your bathroom would seem less cumbersome if you didn’t have to run downstairs to get the cleaners and scrubbers first. If you had them right there under your sink, you would be more motivated to clean your bathroom more frequently. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel quite as clean in a shower that needs a good cleaning. Could be the O.C.D. talking.

This is the advantage of working with a Professional Organizer. We see all those little annoyances and know how to turn them into conveniences. And those little details can make all the difference in the world in how it feels to be in your space. I just organized a woman the other day who I simply added a small cabinet shelf in her cabinets to stack her coffee mugs. By doing this she could easily reach her mugs instead of having to have them sloppily sit on top of each other, making them more susceptible to breaking and just plain annoying to reach for. She was SO delighted about this tiny change that that was all she could talk about. She couldn’t hardly wait for me to go buy them because just the idea of her coffee drinking experience being more pleasurable because of the convenience was so exciting for her.

Another MAJOR convenience is using labels. My clients are thrilled when they see their newly organized spaces(s). But when I put the labels on their items, it’s like the clouds have parted and the hand of God has come down to bless their home. Ok, maybe it’s not that dramatic but I think you get my point of how elated they are. From just simple labels folks.

So next time you want to be able to find your keys faster, make reaching for your every day dishes easier and handle your bills more efficiently, ask yourself what is a little tweak you can make in the way you have been doing it that will make daily operating and maintenance of your life go smoother. You’ll be glad you made the effort to make life feel more effortless.

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