Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I know I need to get organized; yet what if I am not ready?
A: We are all ready to move forward and to live clutter free, but sometimes we subconsciously decide for ourselves that we are not allowed to change for the better, for whatever reason. There are a few ways to look at this scenario. First, you can seek organization tips on your own. This usually leads to a sense of being overwhelmed, as articles and books are never written specific to you. Other people choose to wait until the time feels totally right, which never comes.

Make a small commitment to yourself, your success and your peace and happiness by contacting me today as your professional home organizer. We take small steps together, like organizing a kitchen drawer or deciding which office organizers to choose. This frees up stuck energy and will have you inspired the first day.

Q: What do I need to do to get ready for our first session?

A: It’s very simple. Get a good night sleep, drink lots of water, make sure you have planned to have the least amount of distractions occur when we work together, leave your home as is and visualize how amazing you are going to feel when we are done. Often my clients want to do what I call, “clean up before the maid shows up.” Don’t do it. I want to see all of your mess in it’s glory. Lol. But seriously, how you leave your stuff tells me a lot about the behaviors and habits you have that may explain why you are experiencing clutter and disorganization in your life. It also helps me to see where your “collection spots” are. By that, I will be able to tell where you are experiencing bottle necks in your home and then be able to create customized solutions to help you keep those areas under control.

Q: I want to get organized; yet what if I am too embarrassed to let someone see how I live?

A: Many of my clients had the same feeling at first…yet all of them filled up with a renewed sense of energy and belief within 15 minutes of our first interaction. I understand that living clutter free is no easy task. Paper clutter adds up each day and before you know it you are living under piles of disorganization. I pass no judgement when you invite me into your home or office. All I feel is admiration that you have the courage to ask for help and everyone else will soon respect you for taking a step in the right direction. As I enter your home or office, the professional home organizer in me shouts for joy as I immediately see the fantastic final result of your space. Your embarrassment will turn into amazement within hours of working with me.

Q: I want to hire someone to help; yet my house member(s) disagree with me
A: Along with my title as Professional Home Organizer and Office Organizer, you could also call me an organizing mediator! I am able to facilitate cooperation of all members of the home or office. My take charge with love approach will dissipate the resistance that once existed. Some would refer to me as an organizer for the human mind of disorganized emotions. Why? I have no emotional attachment to either side of the ‘arguing parties.’ No personal attacks from me to anyone. Most people effortlessly partake in the organization process after a few minutes of watching and listening to how easy it can be. There is usually resistance at first, but living an organized life is a reward in itself. I have yet to meet a client who questioned their investment at the end of their project.

Q: I want to do it on my own, why can’t I organize everything myself?
A: You have read all the books about organization tips. You have had visions of getting rid of your paper clutter, kid clutter, garage clutter or whatever clutter is keeping you feeling stuck. You feel as though there is no need for a professional home organizer because you should be able to do it on your own! So, let me ask you… why have you Not accomplished your goals yet? Chances are you lack one of the key factors mentioned on the solutions page. Being completely honest with your self is paramount when deciding if you can really organize everything on your own. Which office organizer do you choose? What room do you start with? Where does everything else go? Get the help you need to get organized and start living. When you have the courage to accept that, you have the courage to live freely again.

Q: Why should I pay for a professional home organizer when I can hire a maid for cheaper?
A: Does a maid stay up to date with expert organization tips? No, a maid simply cleans and tidies your house. Take specific notice to the phrase ‘tidies your house.’ Maids make a living by coming back to your place to ‘tidy’ and clean your office or house. Many times they are simply re-arranging paper clutter and storing items in drawers and cabinets without organizing it. So the visible areas look cleaner, but opening those drawers and cabinets will tell a different story. I come over for a only a few visits, work my magic, and you feel a renewed sense of living week after week, year after year, without needing my services continually. My goal as your professional home organizer is to set you up for long-term success, which is accomplished through one on one communication and customized systems. Maids generally come to your home, clean (without saying much), and leave excited about coming back the next week to ‘clean’ the same mess. With me by your side, you will live with less clutter and more organization and have greater control of your life again.

Q: What if I do not have the time?

A: Most clients are surprised to find out that getting organized and living a more organized life with less clutter can happen in a matter of days, at most a few weeks. Many of the phases of the project can be done without you needing to be present. I share organization tips at the right moment, include you into the process at the right moment, and work my magic on my own at the right moment. We all know that when we really want to accomplish something, we make the time. I really want to organize your home or office so you can succeed, which always gives me the time and focus to do just that. Our sessions will be lighthearted, fun, educational, and motivational. The process is never as difficult as you think it might be. I am certain you will be glad you ‘found’ the time to get organized!

Q: Will you pressure me to throw my ‘stuff’ away?

A: As your home or office organizer, I am able to transform all spaces in a way that allows you to keep everything if you want. However, it has been my experience that you will see and feel greater results if you are willing to let go of items that no longer serve you. The previous sentence is one of my favorite organization tips to share with everyone interested in organizing. Living an organized life with less clutter is only possible when you are able to let go of the unnecessary in order to move forward quickly. When we work together, you will begin to look at your objects in a whole new way. You will be surprised as to how easily you are able to let go. You will be even more amazed that you held onto some of your things for so long. Letting go puts you back into the “flow,” which lifts huge weights from your shoulders. All clients who get rid of paper clutter and who get rid of things they once called “important,” feel encouraged to live the life they always wanted.

Q: I have bad habits; I want to get organized, but I am afraid I will just go back to the way I was
A: Consider living with less clutter and getting organized like getting into shape. It is not something you can completely accomplish overnight. You have to work at ridding yourself of paper clutter and other non-serving items everyday! Without dedication, you will likely return to your old ways of disorganization. However, through education and setting up simple organization systems, you will definitely be better off then you were before. Be patient with yourself and feel the confidence that you can indeed accomplish organization on a day-to-day basis.

Q: How long does a project take and what is involved?
A: Many factors contribute to the length of an organization project. For example: speed of client making decisions, unexpected interruptions, level of detail, etc. This makes it difficult to specify how long your project will take. Below are very rough estimates.

One room 6-12 hours

Closets 2-5 hours (non-wardrobe closets)

6-12 hours (wardrobe closets)

Garages 20-30 hours

Paper 6-9 hours (in desk space area)

12-20 hours (in other areas of the home)

My systematic approach involves sorting, purging, and organizing items into zones, and using appropriate storage supplies; visit my get organized page for a more detailed breakdown of what is involved in an organizing project.